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The Fertile Soil of Experience

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. I agree with everyone who shared about the beautiful moments of life as being gracious. They certainly are.

I also see it in another way. What about the moments that are not so beautiful, that are painful or challenging? Can we see those moments as grace too?

It is sometimes the painful experiences of life that turn us to another light. When we are brought to our knees it can be seen as an invitation to look somewhere else, other than the experience itself, for solace. As we all know, each experience comes and goes. What does not come and go? What remains before, during and after each experience?

Once we come to know ourselves in a different way than only the contracted experiential self, in a way that is already complete and whole, that has always been here, there is another way of being with these challenging and painful experiences. Then these experiences are a tap on the shoulder, “Hey, look! I am here. I am whole and complete. I am ok even during these moments.”

Then these painful experiences are also grace. The grace of love, turning you to itself, to yourself. And this is a very real and possible way of being, of living.

That is what I call the fertile soil of experience. Fertile means life. Experience is the soil in which life blossoms. And life means now. Life means I. Life is freedom itself, love itself.

Grace is whatever turns you around to know yourself. It is your true light offering you an opportunity to come home.

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