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Spiritual Seekers Really Want Some Great Stuff

I recognize that I want something. On last week’s call, I had the thought, “I’m really going to get something out of being on this call.” Then, after the call, it was really clear—I got nothing out of the call. Nothing! So, there was this disappointment, but something else clicked in my mind, “That’s exactly what you were supposed to get out of that call—nothing.” It was just beautiful; this thing that wanted something didn’t get it, then the realization happened.

That’s exactly true. Seekers, and not just seekers in the spiritual world, but mundane seekers as well, are seeking for something. That’s the root of seeking. And, let’s face it, spiritual seekers really want some great stuff. They want to merge with God, enlightenment, mystical experiences and never experiencing any disturbances ever again. These wants are even better than money. But, when you recognize that your essential being lacks nothing and you’re complete and whole, you realize you get none of the concepts and desires you thought you were going to get as a seeker. You get the end of all of that. For most seekers, that’s definitely not interesting. That’s not interesting at all, and that’s why most seekers won’t come to work like this.

But, when you recognize, as you did, you see the value of truth. You see, freedom is free. Freedom is free from seeking, wanting, hoping, and longing for all of those special and extraordinary states. So, it is free from desire. Also, it is free from the projections of doom and gloom, and death in the future. So, it is free from fear. 

When you recognize the value of that, and it sounds like you have from what you’re saying, it means that you’re authentically interested in freedom, liberation, and truth. When you come to know liberation, you get nothing—none of your cherished, spiritual hopes and ideas about what you were going to get with this thing called enlightenment. You don’t get what you thought you wanted. You get the end of all of that.

To me, it’s great. I know nothing, I have nothing and I am nothing. In liberation, you recognize that you are not what you thought you were. You are no-thing in a sense. You are no-thing, and you have nothing, as far as conceptual ideals, philosophies and the false security of the known, which is ignorance and not truth. You cannot grasp on to anything as a permanent fixed idea of self. It is called freedom, and freedom elicits ease of being.
Things come and go. Everything is constantly changing and knowing stays the same. You really have nothing and you know nothing. All you know is truth, yourself, as you appear now. You don’t know why anything is, where anything is going, or the meaning of anything. You don’t know any of that, no one does. We pretend to, we hope to, but we get to realize in liberation that I am no-thing, I have nothing, and I know nothing. That’s freedom. For most people and seekers, that’s not very interesting.

It’s a tremendous relief not needing to be someone special, to know something special, or to have something special. 

Inquirer 2: I had the thought today that I’m not even spiritual anymore. It’s like normal life or something. My life before was just very confused because I was believing things that I didn’t know anything about, and I thought I had to get somewhere. I noticed that I’m not interested at all in spirituality anymore. It’s great, and actually so beautiful to just have nothing to do.

That’s what the first book is about, the end of the spiritual path. What’s so spiritual about your essential being? It’s you! It’s just truth. It’s ordinary, and it’s true for everyone. Everyone’s essential being is the same. What’s so special or spiritual about that? The spiritual carousel that we talk about, which is primarily focused on a future self, is very compelling for most people. Most people who get on that crack pipe never get off. 

Inquirer 3: For me it was a torment. I have volumes and volumes of books which I used to read continuously. It dawned on me at some point that the next page is not going to change anything at all. And now it's all garbage, I can't even look at them. I'm going to have to throw them out.

Sounds good to me.

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