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The light in enlightenment is knowing. Knowing is both the goal and the way. Self-effulgent, or self-knowing, this is your essential being, here, now and always. In this knowing you are revealed. In continuing this knowing, mind becomes doubtless. 

Online Open Meetings

Sal holds open meetings every other Sunday online on Zoom. If you have any questions about liberation or would like to know more about the upcoming India Intensive you are welcome to join. All are invited.

Next meeting is SUNDAY, DECEMBER 17, 11AM New York Time

For timezone calculator and connection information go to: Online Meetings

10 Day India Intensive

NEWS - The intensive is full. If you would like to be informed in case any spots open up you can fill out the form on the events page. 

January 15 - 25, 2018 in Tiruvannamalai, India

Liberation is when the mind is doubtless in its freedom.

These 10 days will be dedicated to coming to know your essential nature and being finished seeking. 

For more info: Events



Hi Sal, I'm done. I was, after reading the first few chapters of your book. It's just been the momentum of the search that has been playing out since then but I know, it's essentially over for "me". Nothing spectacular happened. Just some subtle but tangible shifts of knowing that were like pieces of a jigsaw slotting into place, completing the picture. I have always been this. Whole. Complete. Free. Untouched. Unchanging. Pure. Timeless. Now. This recognition, is embodied more day by day. I don't know how to express my gratitude to you Sal in words. All I can say, is a simple "Thank you", borne of the deepest and most sincere gratitude.
Not quite sure where to go from here lol!!! Maybe just here is enough already. —Love, Dharm 


Dearest Sal, I heard about you back in December from a friend. I then looked you up on YouTube, liked what I heard, and bought your book. This all happened just before I embarked on my much anticipated 100 day solo retreat. See, for the last 5 years I've spent all my time and money on this so called 'spiritual journey'. All of my holidays were retreats, my spare moments, meditation, I was obsessed. Then I read your book and absolutely incredibly it finished 'me' and began knowing. It was unbelievable at first. I thought it couldn't be true, it was just too simple and obvious, but this knowing became so self evident that it just couldn't be denied. Every single moment, this knowing, ever fresh, annihilated everything that came before or could come after. Each moment, brand new, appearing and then disappearing. Everything happening was the same, the daily routine, but it was just happening 'on its own' so to speak. Unbelievably without this 'I' everything still continued, naturally. In the beginning I had some questions which I wrote to ask you, but as the retreat continued the answers appeared. I can't ever thank you enough, I just wanted to let you know the impact your book had. So grateful, beyond grateful!!! Love & light & big hugs. —Michelle

This book is a journey through the inquiries that have guided many people, helping them to recognize their free essential being and be finished seeking. In this book you will find inquiries, experiments, questions and answers that can help you come to know for yourself your essential being and that you lack nothing, are complete and whole just as you are and are in fact free already.

Some Amazon Reviews

If you are completely sincere about waking up, and want to be finished seeking, this is it. There is no higher praise I can give.

It all comes down to this. If you're tired of spiritual seeking, tired of all the paths and books and teachers and... Good news - it can finish here. And if you're not yet weary of seeking - why, you may just very well save yourself a whole lot of time. Buy. Without hesitation.

If you have the intention for freedom, this is the book for you. The search ended when I started reading Liberation IS.

I still read the book, slowly. Deeply I start to remember truth. This book is not like other books. I never met such radical guidance before, still so simple and ordinary. This book makes me taste freedom.

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Fear of no self

We are so used to knowing who we are, in the egoic-self-person-story-mythical-historical sense, that when that whole story is absent, and there is a clear knowing of its absence, for a moment or longer, it is completely natural to experience fear, like free falling in space with nothing to hold on to.  Read More…

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