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Self-blame and self-judgment

I see that I'm not in control of any of it - negative feelings, guilt, shame, physical pain, ups, downs. I also have beat myself up over things for years. So this is a big relief that there's no blame or judgment. How do I stop judging myself? Just seeing that I don't have control over anything?  Read More…

Being Finished

When I was on the spiritual path I had many mystical and transcendent experiences. But after each and every one of them I always reverted to my ordinary consciousness, wondering what happened to the great enlightenment I thought I had attained during the experience. Maybe you can relate. No matter how many spiritual books you've read, retreats you've attended, and teachers you have worked with, you still feel that something is not complete, or something is missing. The cycle of wanting more—to experience, understand or know—can be endless. But there is an end.

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