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A Paradigm Shift

I often speak about a paradigm shift. What do I mean by that? It is not about getting a new concept or intellectual understanding. It is an actual experiential shift in your own way of being. 

It is life that is lived not only as the self-focused, limited being that is the shape of this body and mind. It is a centerless, non-locational being/knowing, which is the essence of who you are. It is no longer living exclusively as this contracted form called me - my body, my mind, my past, my future, my opinions, my preferences, my regrets, guilts, hopes, fears and desires - but as the all-encompassing whole in which all of those things have their momentary appearance and then vanish.

Until this shift happens we mistakenly know ourselves to be only this body and mind. When the shift happens, we know ourselves as blown wide open, all-inclusive, no longer trapped in a body and mind, but not denying any of it either. I am the one, sat chit, appearing as form. 

This brings a big change in our life journey. We come to know more - peace, contentment, fulfillment, ease of being, love, compassion. We live with less - stress, anxiety, fear, worry, concern, comparison. I say this is the natural human condition of health. It is true for everyone, it just needs to be revealed and lived. 

For me, there is nothing more important in a human life than this. It is my own raison d’etre and I feel it is the most valuable thing all of us can offer to not only ourselves, but to our loved ones and the world. 


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