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Who Am I?

“I am consciously aware that I exist.”

This is the essential truth of who I am.

“I exist as . . . anything” is the ephemeral aspect of who I am, 
only apparently true. 

Who I am essentially is existence consciously knowing myself. 

My essence is formless peace. 

My temporal form is all of the objects known.

As myself, I essentially, 
exist peacefully, 
eternally knowing.


As manifestation, I appear 
as the constantly changing objects of perception.


All of my objective aspects arise, 
persist and subside in my essential being. 

They have no independent nature, 
and as such, do not exist separate from me.

They appear as a ripple on the surface of me, 
as a wave appears on the surface of ocean.

They are never separate from me, their source. 
They are never different from me, their source. 
They are never independent of me, their source.

When known by me, 
they are not known as apart from me, 
but as myself in momentary appearance. 

All there is, is me.

All that is known is me.

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