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From a conversation on a recent Online Open Meeting

Question: Don’t we need to strive to attain silence and peace?

Answer: When you stop attending to your mind for a moment and attend to and abide in pure being knowing you will notice that the ground of your own being is silence and peace. It’s subtle yet palpable. The more you notice and abide as this the more obvious it becomes. That’s because it is never gone; it is only apparently hidden by the constant attention we give to our body and mind, which puts that in the forefront of our consciousness. So the more you live this being of peace and silence by coming out from your infatuation with mind and into the sun of pure knowing being, the more you will notice that what is here at the root of all of those movements of mind is peace and silence and the more that will become the forefront of your consciousness. It’s really very simple and natural.

Peace and silence are not objects to strive to attain. They are already here as your subjective being. The only thing needed is to notice it more and more. Then it becomes more and more your living condition. Why it becomes your living condition more and more is because it is a very alluring way of being and naturally you want that more and more. You become less devoted to the movements of mind and more devoted to the peace of your essential being, naturally. The more you abide as this the more you are attracted to it and the more it is who you are. This is true self love.

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