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The End of the Spiritual Path is Real

You hear constantly on the spiritual path about how difficult and rare it is to come to know “who you are.” Rarer still we are told is the possibility of coming to know liberation and being finished seeking. For all of us, there is a deeply ingrained sense of unworthiness, programmed in our mind from our earliest age by our religions and cultures, that says, “this is not for you.” It is hammered into your mind that it is only for Jesus, Buddha, Ramana—the so-called sages. To even have the audacity to say you are equal to those people is blasphemy, not only from Christian cults, but from the cults of Buddhism and Advaita-ism as well. You are arrogant to even think that way.

Well, I disagree. My question is always, “If it is who you are, why should you NOT know? Why should only Ramana know who YOU are?”

It is a ridiculous and sad joke that only a few special people can know their essential nature. Every one of those sages says they are the same as you, and you only need to come to know. But you tell them they are wrong. “No Master. You are lying, Master. You are great and mighty and I am pathetic and lowly, Master.” What can the master say in that case? “Ok, I give up. You are pathetic and lowly.” But, they are telling the truth when they say that you and they are the same. 

Another silly idea is that it is only by sheer chance, grace, miracle, karma or winning the lottery that you can come to know freedom. This kind of magical thinking is more proof that says, “Oh well, if it is going to happen to me, it will happen, and if not, not.” More unworthiness.

Again, I disagree. Yes, there is a way to come to know your essential being, to come to know liberation and to be finished with your spiritual path.

Because of the hyperbolic assessment and misunderstandings of this thing called ‘enlightenment,' we have come to feel it is unattainable. But freedom is the natural human condition, there is nothing to attain. The way is simple, know what’s true and truth shall set you free. And you can’t know until you know. Ideas ‘about’ truth are not true.

Don’t believe the nonsense of your religious or spiritual teachings. They are not intended to wake you up, but rather keep you asleep. And why? Because that is how those cultures keep you as a follower and keep their business going.

Freedom is your essential being, it is your birthright. Of course it is, because it is YOU! It is YOU now and it is YOU always. Find out who you are and be free and be finished with your spiritual path.

If you want freedom, have it!

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