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Lola’s foreward

Finding out who I am in essence has been the most simple, yet powerful thing that has happened to me. After a long journey, which included many meditation retreats, yoga, working with energy, therapy, healing, purifying and many other seeking activities, I was tired and felt I was getting nowhere.

Then one day, browsing the internet, looking for spiritual teachings as I did every single day for hours on end, I suddenly bumped into a YouTube video of someone called Salvadore Poe. There was nothing fancy about the video, but I deeply felt that what was being said was true. I visited his website and read that he did inquiry sessions over the internet. On Skype, a few days later, I met this ordinary - yet free - man, and for some reason I absolutely knew that he could help me. I did the inquiry sessions, and they changed what I knew about myself, forever.

After that, no more looking for teachers and retreats, no more spiritual seeking. Knowing who I am - essentially free, unborn, whole and complete - was all I needed to know. Sal, in the most direct and simple way, pointed out this essential truth from the beginning. Several more inquiry sessions and experiments, looking at what is already the case from different angles, made this knowing more and more doubtless.

I am forever grateful for his loving dedication to showing people what's true. As I later transcribed other people's sessions and worked with Sal on the making of this book, I could see how he was able to help many people in seeing their true nature directly. His only concern is for inquirers to recognize, in their own direct experience, what is already here and what, once pointed out clearly and effectively, is so simple and obvious. After recognizing who we really are, life's problems, difficulties and ups and downs are still there, but knowing our silent and timeless essential nature makes a big difference. Things and events come and go in who we are, without touching this spacious essence. My eternal and deepest gratitude to Sal for guiding me and others towards noticing and getting to know this eternal truth.