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Saturday April 20, 2024 - Thursday June 13, 2024
All meetings are at 12 Noon EST

Join Sal for an 8 week online intensive. 

If you would like to join but are not able to because of time constraints, you can participate by watching the videos or listening to audios. With this option, you will have access to all of the videos and audios for every session. And you will also be able to email Sal questions, which he will respond to during the Q&A sessions. And, if you are able to make any of the meetings, you are welcome.

There are four basic parts to the intensive:

  • A PARADIGM SHIFT - Immerse in your own direct knowing of your free essential being and know the peaceful silence of your ground of being 

  • TRUE BAKTHI - Come to know what is needed to resolve all doubts and liberate your mind through devotion and love of your own essential being

  • THE QUESTION OF FREE WILL - Explore the question of free will and doership and come to know true compassion and more ease of being in your life 

  • TRUE NON-DUALITY - Finally come full circle, to realize that it is YOU, exactly as you are right now, that you have been seeking. 

Your spiritual path will be finished and you will begin living freedom, no longer seeking it, but BEING it. 

What does freedom bring?

- It will bring ease of being
- More love for yourself and others
- Far less contraction and resistance to life
- Far less, or no, judgement of yourself and others
- Much more compassion for yourself and your loved ones and everyone else
- Less, or no, need to control yourself or life 
- Far less fear, worry and concern
- More love and harmony in your life and relationships 
- The end of seeking in the world or in spirituality for peace and relief 
- The end of the need for meaning, and just simply, living this life, as it is
- Less, or no, arguing with yourself or the world 
- It is the peace that passes understanding, but that can be known, by you. 

"I feel changed forever through being on the Intensive. Much gratitude to Sal's tremendous patience and for really getting the message of freedom across to us ! Sal has the purity and innocence of a young child combined with a New Jersey guy humour and the wisdom of someone who has been through much in Life and who now lives freedom. He is also one of the kindest humans I’ve ever met, totally natural and down to earth. I feel a lightness and life is vibrant and filled with loving energy in each moment!" - BETTINE

"You gave me absolutely everything and at the same time a deep trust into the nothingness of it all. There is love and a deep understanding that I received deeply that you gave us all. - MANUELA

Joining the Intensive Live Offers

During the Intensive

  • 8 Inquiry sessions with Sal. One session per week.

  • Two weekly Q&A sessions with Sal. 

  • 24 meetings in total

  • Online streamed audios and videos for all of the sessions. (They will remain available after the intensive)


Participating in the Intensive by Video Offers

During the Intensive

  • Access to all of the videos and audios for the every session. (They will remain available after the intensive)
  • Email Sal with questions, which he will answer on Q&A sessions.
  • If you are able, you can still join any of the meetings live. (You will have the Zoom link)


After the Intensive 

    Ongoing support to help to you live freedom in your daily life. 

  • Invitation to join the Lions Den, a group of friends who meet on Zoom Saturday's three times per month to ask Sal questions, clear up doubts or just to be together in freedom.  There is no charge for the Lions Den.

  • Invitation to the Lions Online Community, where you can connect with other people engaged in this work, to share and be together in freedom. There is no charge for this either.

  • Once you have been on an intensive you are welcome to any other intensive at discounted price.

Inquiry Sessions:M

Saturdays at 9:30 PM IST / 12 Noon EST

Question and Answer Sessions:

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 PM IST / 12 PM EST

Google Calendar of the days and times. Adjustable to your timezone: View Calendar

Intensive Itinerary 

The Inquiry sessions will be Sal guiding you through many recognitions. You may ask questions pertaining to the specific inquiry of the moment to make sure it is clear for you. All other questions are welcome during the Q&A sessions with Sal or private meetings with Bindu. 

Inquiry Session One - A Paradigm Shift

- Information Meeting. Sal will tell you about the intensive, and will speak briefly with each person new person.

- A Pardigm Shift, Part 1. Inquiries and Experiments for you to come to know your free essential being, who you are. 

Inquiry Session Two - Satchitananada

- Further Inquiries and Experiments to make your recognition more clear and doubtless. 

Inquiry Session Three - Devotion to Truth

- You will come to know the real meaning of devotion and why this is the essential key to liberation.

Inquiry Session Four - The Value of Freedom

- We will do more inquiries into the value of freedom, and you will become a natural baktha, devoted to the truth of your own being. 

Inquiry Session Five - The Question of Free Will Pt. 1

- Have you created yourself? Are you the one making decisions and choices? We will find out very clearly what this all means, not intellectually, but in your own direct, experiential knowing. 

Inquiry Session Six - The Question of Free Will Pt. 2

- This is the end of ego. You will know clearly what ego is and what freedom from ego means. 

Inquiry Session Seven - Freefalling

- How does this new way of being effect the way you are in the world? We will see for yourselves and a real shift of being will happen. 

- This is the birth of genuine compassion for yourself, for those around you and for everyone else. 

Inquiry Session Eight - Union - Coming Full Circle

You are what you have sought. Coming to know the true meaning of non-duality.

Welcome home

Sal shares  a simple life-changing message that is available to anyone who is ready. He is a teacher of the highest calibre; full of love, compassion and patience, with a simple message of truth & freedom that cuts through doubt and spiritual confusion. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to be at one of Sal’s intensives.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” - AMY 

"Being with Sal, either online or on-roof amongst friends, is a potent opportunity to take in each moment of my life, amidst my ease or my self-fighting, knowing I am It, freedom." IAIN

Pricing and sign-up

$900 USD - New Participants

$675 USD - If you have already attended a 10 Day Live or 2 Month Online intensive. (Does not apply for weekend or mini intensives)

$500 USD - If you have attended two or more FULL intensives, either online or in India. 

We offer need-based partial scholarships or payment plans. If that is neccessary for you, please explain on the Questions and Requests box on the sign up page. We'll get back to you soon.

Please go to the next page to read the intensive requirements and suggestions. Once you agree to those, you will be directed to the payment page.