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September 23 and 24 (Saturday and Sunday)
October 7 and 8 (Saturday and Sunday)

9:30 PM India
6:00 PM Paris
5:00 PM London
12 Noon New York
9 AM Pacific

Each meeting will be approximately 3 hours
This includes Inquiries and Q&A


If you cannot attend live you will be able to participate via our online web portal
Videos and audios will be available for streaming shortly after each meeting
Daily texts will be available as well

On this 4 day mini-intensive you will come to know in your own experience: 

- The impact and benefit of being awake and free in the world

- How this changes your own experience of life

- How it affects your relationships with friends, loved ones and all people in your life

- How it affects your relationship with your own opinions, views and preferences

- How it affects your own peace and contentment, while living in the world

How does it work?

- By coming to a clear knowing of your already free eternal being
- By coming to know all that is ephemeral about who you are, all that is in constant change
- By finding out that your ephemeral being is the movement of your eternal being. They are not two. Just as a wave is not separate from ocean. Wave is ocean. 
- By coming to come to know the means of bringing more and more peace, contentment and fulfilment to your life through true devotion
- By coming to know the healing silence of your essential being. Experientially, in a palpable way

DAY ONE - Centerless Being
DAY TWO - The Fertile Soil of Experience
DAY THREE - The Healing of Silence
DAY FOUR - There is Only Ocean

$225 - For people who have been on a full 10 day live or 2 month online intensive. (This does not include mini-intensives)

The price includes:
- Four 3 hour meetings with Sal on Zoom
- Videos, audios and texts for each meeting. 
- Invitation to join the Lions Den weekly free meetings with Sal and friends
- Free audios from each Lions Den meeting
- Invitation to join the Lions Community to connect with friends for meetings (Sal doesn't join these meetings)