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Guiding you to recognize liberation

My intention with the book, Liberation IS, The End of the Spiritual Path, and with the my inquiry work in general is to guide people to a very clear recognition of their free essential being and in doing so recognize liberation, and to be support for you to be finished seeking.

If you would like to engage in this work with me I ask that you first read the book. Once you have read it you can contact me here and we can then meet for a session where I will answer any questions you may have, and tell you about the weekly group meetings and other means of support I offer.

When you fill out the form please tell me a bit about your path up until now, how the book resonated with you and where you live.

Freedom Stands Alone

Many people who come to this work will naturally try to fit it within the framework of what they know. There is no fault in that, we all do it. They will compare it with non-duality, or Advaita, or enlightenment, or spirituality, or awakening, or Buddhism, or mindfulness, or whatever else they have read or practiced. But this work does not fit into any of those frameworks; it stands alone. Yes, there may be some similarities between this work and those mentioned, but those similarities are coincidental. To try to fit it into one of those frameworks is a mistake, because then you will compare what you are recognizing here with whatever other ideas you may have and you will be missing the point. The point is that all of that is finished. Freedom does not fit into any framework. 

This work is not non-dual, it is not advaita and it is not enlightenment. It is not Ramana or the Buddha or anyone else. This work is about freedom from all of that. It is about the natural human condition of mental and emotional health. So when coming to this work it is best to leave all of your books and practices behind and forget them. It's best to come with an open mind and see that there is the tendency to compare with whatever knowledge you have. To find out what is true, in your own knowing, you have to stop comparing with what you already know. Truth is not found in knowledge. It is not found in the garbage heap of past. It is alive, here and now, no-thing, no knowledge, no philosophy, no framework, no past and no future. Freedom stands alone.


Here is what some people have said about the Inquiry sessions: 

From Dirk

Dear Sal, great talk again, really good to listen, again and again, the simplicity of your sharing of what is is so liberating. Love you and your 'teaching' is simply the best that I ever came across. 

From Nils and Lone

We have appreciated so much working with you and also with the beautiful people in the part 2 group. We cannot express in words how grateful we are for meeting you Sal. Both of us have been seekers for so many years, now that is over. No more seeking - what a relief - it cannot be explained. At first, it was unbelievable that it could be so simple and ordinary, what a joke when looking at the amount of spiritual luggage that we carried. You helped us to see what is real - the work you are doing is outstanding. Sal, we love you and thank you forever for making this possible.

From Donna

After 40 years of searching for Liberation - always a someday 'future' happening - I have found it in the 'now'. It has always been here, my true state of being. Who I am, without the incessant stream of thought I unconsciously and habitually identified with, almost every moment of everyday - all the unrelenting stories in my head, of past and future scenarios, composed of dread and fear, all my own creation.

Sal, thank you for what you have given, transferred to me. You are a great and loving and (patient) fun teacher, who is blessed with the gift to translate and convey Liberation into what it simply is - our natural state of being - without all the baggage. And it has all transpired in the course of a couple of months. I've encountered many teachings along the path - and have learned and grown from all - but now I know truth. I am free. And so grateful to you.

You will always be with me  - in my heart and spirit.  

Love and light.

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