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The Ultimate Holiday

Salvadore is offering a 10 Day Immersion Intensive in Tiruvannamalai, India.

The dates are January 15 - 25, 2018
If you have read the book Liberation IS, The End of the Spiritual Path and would like to engage directly with Sal this is a great opportunity to make your recognition crystal clear and become doubtless. 

We will meet every day over that period on Sal’s rooftop deck overlooking Mount Arunachala. Each morning there will be a two to three hour session. Sal will guide you through inquiries intended to help you have a very clear recognition of your essential being and be finished seeking.

January 15 will be an introduction meeting at 4PM. Then will follow 10 days of the intensive beginning at 10AM each day.


Here is Sal speaking about the Intensive


The main points of inquiry will be:

  1. A Shift of Knowing
  2. Valuing What is True
  3. There is no Doer, No Free Will
  4. Abiding as Essential Nature
  5. Being Doubtless, End of Seeking

There will also be periods of questions and answers as well as simply immersing in the natural human condition. Each person will have one private meeting with Sal.

This intensive is for those who are ready to be finished with their spiritual path. Each session will be recorded and you will be asked to listen each evening to the days recording. By the end of the intensive your recognition will be complete and you will have the means to continue abiding as your essential being until your mind is at rest in its freedom. 

Following the retreat you will be invited to join the weekly ongoing online support group meetings with Sal. These are Q&A sessions and are a very beneficial in resolving any remaining questions and doubts. 

Please fill out the message form before paying just to confirm that this is right for you. Let me know a bit about your path so far and if you have read the book.


The price for the Intensive is $700 USD

  • 100% refund prior to November 1 
  • 50% refund prior to December 15 
  • No refunds after December 15.


Space is limited for the Intensive. You can send a deposit of $150 to hold your place.

The deposit is refundable before November 1st.


Ths is a non-residential retreat so meals and lodging are not included. Both of those are very inexpensive in Tiruvannamalai.

Further information about the Intensive as well as information about hotels, taxi from the airport, Indian Travel Visa and other info will be provided to those who inquire about joining.

There will be assistance once you are in Tiruvannamalai to make your landing here smooth and easy.

It is strongly suggested to arrive at least three days ahead of the retreat to acclimate to the time difference and get to know Tiru a bit.




Travel in India: Should I be apprehensive? What should I expect? (Ron Gorayeb's story of his first time to India)

Prior to my first trip to India in 2014 I heard all sorts of things: Don’t drink the water, bring surgical tape to cover your mouth when you shower so no drops of water will enter in, buy a cheap pair of sneakers and throw them away before you return home, brush with bottled water, don’t eat uncooked vegetables, only eat fruit that you can peel, bring anti-diarrhea medicine, get your shots, take malaria pills but only the daily kind, not the once a week kind.  It made me a little nervous, but I really wanted to go.
    Here’s what I did: I went to a travel doctor to see if I needed any shots - I elected to get a couple just in case.  They are not required but it seemed like a good idea. I took a supply of malaria pills, I don’t think I needed them because I went in late January, but I chose to be cautious.  I did not buy extra shoes and I did not see a need for them.  I did bring surgical tape, used it twice and then stopped using it. Eighteen days later, no problem.  
    Sal introduced me to a few restaurants that cater to Westerners. I could eat their fresh vegetables, they washed them in filtered water. I ordered bottled water everywhere, I had no food problems in the eighteen days I was in India. I never needed any diarrhea medicine.
    On the way over to India on the plane I came down with what seemed to be a cold, but it got worse once I got to India. When I called home my wife mentioned that our son had walking pneumonia, his symptoms sounded like mine.  She told me what they gave my son, I passed the info to Sal and he went to a drug store and got the meds for me. No visit to the doctor was necessary, it cost me $4.
    Sal had arranged for a cab to meet me at the airport in Bangalore and it took me to my hotel in Tiruvannamalai. The cost was $50 US - effortless.
    We checked into our hotel, private bathroom, air conditioning, comfortable beds, like a Holiday Inn.  Not too fancy and very clean.  There was a wonderful restaurant in the hotel that catered to Westerners, I had quite a few meals there.
    I would meet Sal at his home every day to work with him on his first book; it was a seven minute walk. The temperature was always pleasant and dry.  January is a good month to travel to southern India.
    All in all the trip was effortless, all those concerns turned out to be unfounded.





If you are interested in attending the Immersion Intensive in India, please fill in the form below and let us know if you have read the book Liberation IS, The End of the Spiritual Path. Also, tell us where you are from and say a bit about your spiritual path and practices up until now. We'll then get back to you with more information.